Pōder The Strengthening Hub LLC

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Business: Pōder The Strengthening Hub LLC
Contact: Angel Scott
Email: poder.thehub@gmail.com
Address: Area served: Tampa, Riverview, Apollo Beach, Ruskin, and Bradenton
Phone: 813.252.0535

Pōder The Strengthening Hub LLC is honored to share in your pregnancy and birthing
experience with several evidence-based and intuitive approaches to support you, your partner
and baby, even before pregnancy. Some of the heart-centered services provided are:

*Childbirth Education
*Intentional Birth Plans
*Preconception/Prenatal/Post-partum Energy Balancing
*Post Birth Energy Work for Newborns
*In-person Pregnancy/Labor Support
*Evidence Based Resources/Techniques
*Placenta Services
*Customized Services for loss of pregnancy and post-cesarean restoration

No matter your definition of family, my intention is to assist you in creating the most positive
memory possible of your child’s birth story! I look forward to connecting with those mother’s
that resonate with my intentions!

Please contact me via email to discover if my practices and your plans are a matched union.

Be sure to mention how you found me! I am excited to meet you!