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Business: I AM Doula Service
Contact: Katie Nikic
Email: Katie@iamdoulaservices.org
Address: Odessa, FL

Phone: 813.454.6108



My name is Katie and I also currently work at Big Cat Rescue in Tampa. I am surrounded by those who are full of passion. I discovered mine when I became pregnant with my first son: all things pregnancy, labor, delivery, breastfeeding. 

My first delivery was an emergency C-section. It was not my birth plan, but it taught me some invaluable lessons: 1) plan, but also prepare! And 2) all birth is birth. My second delivery was a VBAC at a local area hospital after I went into preterm labor. We had an 11 day NICU stay after that. I believe both of my pregnancies, labors and deliveries equipped me to be a doula in a very special way.

Sliding scale price range available based on income. Random discounts on Facebook/Instagram or at events. 10% discount for clients initiating from TBBN website.