Heather Whitten, Full Spectrum Doula + Photographer


Business: Heather Whitten, Full Spectrum Doula + Photographer
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Email: whittenhm@gmail.com
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What the hell is a full spectrum doula!? 

I care for a pregnant person no matter the outcome of their pregnancy (chosen or not).  I support people through miscarriage, abortion, adoption, infertility, stillbirth, NICU time, birth, and postpartum.  Pregnancy has a full range of outcomes and I’m here for you however it looks like for you.  

I’ve come into full spectrum doula work after more than a decade of personal experience.  I’ve grown my family through an array of ways.  I’ve experienced infertility, loss, births, adoptions, and abortion.  

There is no perfect way to build a family, birth a baby, be a parent, have an abortion, or be in your mind and body.  I plan to honor the fact that perfection does not exist through supporting you with all the passion, knowledge and ability I have, as well as documenting those stories for you along the way. 

Birth and postpartum photography is built into all of my packages because I know how powerful having your experience documented can be.  

Placenta services available.

Doula services are offered on a sliding scale.  

Contact me to set up your free consult.  

*Military Spouse - USAF