The Tampa Bay Birth Network's primary mission is to provide a community of professionals, families and individuals who support, educate, and/or promote natural pregnancy, birth and parenting.

Members of the Tampa Bay Birth Network Are Dedicated to Nine Principles:

    1. Educating women and their partners about pregnancy, natural birth and postpartum care so they are empowered to make personal choices with knowledge and clarity  
    2. Encouraging women and their partners to choose a midwife and/or doula to assist with their pregnancy and labor  
    3. Guiding women toward natural, alternative and complementary care in addition to their regular prenatal and labor care
    4. Advocating for a reduction in the number of unnecessary medical interventions
    5. Supporting women and their partners in their new role as parents by offering resources about new parenthood, including breastfeeding, infant sleeping and postpartum care
    6. Promoting breast milk for at least the first year, exclusively for the first six months
    7. Maintaining the Midwives Model of Care as outlined by the Citizens for Midwifery
    8. Maintaining the Mother Friendly Childbirth Initiative as laid out by the Coalition for Improving Maternity Services
    9. Supporting all parents without regard to race, religion, culture, creed, gender or gender identity, or sexual orientation, and in a manner that supports all reproductive choices.

    We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.