Another Son Born at Home by Tia

My fourth child is going to be a big brother by Christmas! What a new world he is about to enter after being the baby for over two years. He was our second child to be born at home, and my labor with him was completely different than my previous homebirth. 

On May 5th, 2012, I was 41 weeks to the day. If I did not have this baby today, my midwife was not going to be here for the birth because she had a trip we had known about since our very first appointment that could not be avoided. I woke up some time in the 5 o'clock hour with pretty rough contractions that were anywhere from one to three minutes apart. I quietly slipped out of bed and called my midwife. I had two contractions while on the phone with her. Knowing how my labor went with our previous child, she was concerned that I could hit transition at any second. Lucky for me, she only lived 1.5 miles away. She said she was washing her face and running over.

At this time, I tried calling my best friend and assigned birth assistant, Susie.. repeatedly. Her phone was off, and I was not happy. I called her husband's phone and left desperate messages to get her butt here. I called our other friend, Yvonne, and she was planning to head over as soon as she dropped her daughter at school. Yvonne was coming to hang out with our other children (and inevitably doing my dishes as well because she rocks). 

I basically just walked around and held onto my couch through contractions all while trying to call and text Susie over and over. At one point, I finally let David know that I was in labor. I don't know when.. exactly. He got to work re-arranging the living room to set up the beautiful birthing pool we borrowed from our midwife. The kids woke up at some point. I got them cereal... I think. Or maybe Yvonne was there at this point. All I know is I ate a bowl of cereal too. (Seriously.. I could have written this two years ago, and it would be just as fuzzy. Having real contractions for hours was a new thing for me, and I don't remember the timeline very well.)

Susie finally called at some point, when they got my messages from her husband. She then had to get ahold of her family to take her boys before she could head over. I was so scared she wasn't going to make it.. again. During all this, my midwife was there and getting things set up. She helped David and just eyed me from afar as I worked through things. After eating, I basically stayed in my bathroom the rest of the time. It felt good to just hang onto my counter and sway while "OHHHHHMMMM'ing" through the contractions. At one point, I walked out to the living room to ask Yvonne to braid my hair before I got into the pool, but I quickly retreated back to the bathroom again. I am sure there were some visits from my midwife at times... and probably even a vital signs check or something... I think. I just know I really liked my bathroom counter. 

Finally, it happened. Transition! It was here, and I knew it. I knew I needed in that tub NOW, if I was going to have another waterbirth. I grabbed a hold of my counter and roared for my midwife.

Finally, it happened. Transition! It was here, and I knew it. I knew I needed in that tub NOW, if I was going to have another waterbirth. I grabbed a hold of my counter and roared for my midwife. She asked me to lie on my bed for a quick check (since my water was still intact). I did it... not gracefully or willingly. I fell onto my side and just roared that I was pushing. This was my only way to tell them I needed the tub.

So here is my body pushing away for me. Thank you, body!

My midwife and Susie quickly tried to gather everything to run it out to the living room. Everyone tried to help me up to get me down the hallway. I made it about one step before falling back on my bed.. flat on my back (oh crap!)... and announcing I wasn't going anywhere. My water bag quickly burst open announcing that it was too late for a waterbirth. It was either before or after the sack bursting that Yvonne walks through the door to braid my hair and realizes it is a little late for that. Oops! Oh well. So here is my body pushing away for me. Thank you, body! Commence moving down the brith canal and ring of fire. At one point, my midwife asked me to hold on just a second, and until recently, I did not know exactly why. I found out there was a tight nuchal cord, and I am guessing this was the reason. My body continued to push with each contraction, and I was just along for the ride. As soon as the baby popped out, David whispered into my ear that we had another boy. It was music to my ears. I just knew we were having a boy. 


He was beautiful. At nine lbs., eight oz. and 23" long, Patrick Dillon Wood was our second baby born at home at 8:52 in the morning. We stayed in that bed the whole day. His siblings came in shortly after to meet their newest little brother. We had hoped for them to be apart of the actual birth, but being in a cramped bedroom with three adults and a laboring mom, it just was not possible this time. It wasn't what I dreamed, but it still was perfect. And David was very happy about having to syphon out a pool that was never even used.