Meet Birthmarks: 2015 Natural Birth and Baby Sponsor

Meet Birthmarks: 2015 Natural Birth and Baby Sponsor

Birthmarks wants to help you find your tribe!  They have a passion for bringing like-minded individuals together to receive multiple services relating to a holistic approach to health, life, pregnancy and birth in their beautiful facility.  More than anything, their goal is to create a sense of community and support for the families they serve.

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Polk County Birth Network

Polk County Birth Network

This new endeavor has been in the works for several weeks, due to an ever growing need for birth advocacy in our community and it is finally ready to roll out. We are very excited to share and announce the launch of the new Polk Count BirthNetwork headed up by Chapter Leader, Sarah Wingrove!  

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Meet the Sponsors of the 2014 Natural Birth & Baby Expo - Balance Chiropractic

Meet the Sponsors of the 2014 Natural Birth & Baby Expo - Balance Chiropractic

Tampa Bay Birth Network welcomes back Balance Chiropractic as a sponsor of the 2014 Natural Birth & Baby Expo.  Come see why local families rely on Dr. Teri to support their healthy lives!  The 2014 Natural Birth & Baby Expo takes place on April 26, from 11am to 4pm, at Corbett Preparatory School of IDS in Carrollwood, and will assemble naturally-minded service providers, experts and parents from all over the greater Tampa Bay area.  Thank you, Balance Chiropractic!

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Tushie Ties


The Tampa Bay Birth Network, and many of the families in our community are big fans of cloth diapering which is eco friendly, safe for baby, a money saving investment and because they are just so stinking cute!

We'd like to introduce you to Tushie Ties! Tushie Ties is a cloth diapering retailer based in Tampa owned by Crystal Carpenter. Here is what Crystal says about her diapers: 

Tushie Ties were conceived in 2007 out of a personal need for a cloth diaper for my daughter. I had tried many different diapers and found I needed something more. I fell in love with the fabric Bamboo Velour due to its antibacterial properties. It helped cut down on rashes, kept her skin comfortable and had a nice dry feeling. 


I liked the simple prefolds, but they had to be snapped or pinned and I wasn't a fan of that. I'd always lose my snappis and forget pinning, I just wasn't good at it. Snapping diapers had their drawbacks for us. The snaps often left hot spots on my baby's belly and daddy was confused by all those snaps. So the challenge was to create a baby/mama and daddy-friendly cloth diaper.

Tushie Ties are a tie on cloth diaper with no snaps or pins. They are eco friendly, naturally antibacterial, and easy to use.  They tie with a cute ribbon on the front that is attached and purposefully designed to keep the diaper from drooping in the front.  They are very comfortable for baby and don't have any elastic or anything else to place marks on the baby's legs or tummy.

They are very absorbent and paired with our bamboo doublers are a fabulous night time solution. They are the ultimate in adjust-ability since they can be folded down the back or front and any type of fold can be used to best fit a skinny, chubby or in-between baby. They are easy to wash and dry and can be used under any of your favorite cloth diaper covers. They come in both a luxury line, bamboo velour and our economy line - Simplicity, that is made of a 4 way stretch cotton. 

Tushie ties are as pretty as a package on your new baby!

Check them out at: 

mia argenbright.jpg

A peek inside Growing Up


Get to know the members of the Tampa Bay Birth Network! 

We are pleased to bring you another post in this series, an interview with Melane Nelson, owner of Growing Up, a natural family boutique in St. Petersburg, Florida.  

What is the mission of your business?

To help families learn to parent naturally through great product choices and education.


How did you get into this line of work?

I had a planned homebirth with my second son. The further I researched, the more I found I wanted to make sure everything that touched my children would be natural and safe, but there wasn't anywhere local to get the items I needed. I couldn't see and touch items to see what I wanted, so I decided to bring them to the area!

Who are the main staff or individuals that deliver your services? Tell us about them?

I'm Melane, the owner. My husband Doug also helps out, as do our children, Ian and Finnegan. Leslie is our manager extraordinaire with her only little bundle Harper helping out. We also have the Tara twins who are moms of littles. I am proud of my staff here and customers love that they are moms that really know what they are selling.

What benefits or services do you offer?  

We offer products for the entire family! While most of our items are for children, we offer stuff for the pregnant mom all the way through childhood and then to help the family live a more natural life.

Tell us about your products and why they are beneficial, why do families need them? 

We fully believe in using natural products on your family. Starting when they are babies with things like cloth diapering means you are getting started on the right foot and we are going to help you all along the way.

Any interesting success stories or anecdote from a family that has testified to the good quality of your services/products?

One of our number one selling products is amber necklaces. I love when a family comes in hesitant about the benefits and then a couple of hours later call to tell me that their baby is a new child. All the crying and pain is gone and they again have a happy baby! That's what I live for.

Do you have any special events coming up that people should know about?

We recently celebrated our 1st anniversary. The past year has been amazing! Next on our calendar is the St. Pete Santa Parade. Join us on December 7th, as we partner with the Tampa Bay Babywearing Group to walk in the parade. This will be our second year walking to bring awareness to the many benefits of babywearing and natural living. So bring your kids (the older ones can wear their dolls/stuffies!) and come walk with us!

 Where are you located?

We are located in downtown St Pete at 689 Suite B, Dr Martin Luther King St North.

If you'd like to reach Melane or another member of the Growing Up family, you can call them at 727-894-GROW or check out their website.