Community Partner: Barefoot Birth

Community Partner: Barefoot Birth

Barefoot Birth is a birth service company specializing in concierge home birth services, personalized prenatal care, doula support, childbirth education, massage therapy, postpartum support,  professional birth photography, and acts as a resource for expecting families. The Barefoot Family includes Charlie Rae Young LM, CPM, CLC , Jenn Stone LPN, CLC, Wesley Bozeman LMT, and Patricia Cannon CLC.

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Polk County Birth Network

Polk County Birth Network

This new endeavor has been in the works for several weeks, due to an ever growing need for birth advocacy in our community and it is finally ready to roll out. We are very excited to share and announce the launch of the new Polk Count BirthNetwork headed up by Chapter Leader, Sarah Wingrove!  

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Birth Story Healing, A Different Way to Revisit Your Birth Story

Birth Story Healing, A Different Way to Revisit Your Birth Story

A woman’s experience of giving birth and becoming a mother is a powerful transformational journey. Birth is a life event that tests a woman’s physical and inner resources. In some instances, childbirth goes beyond the expected intensity, and a mother is left with unanswered questions and feelings of disappointment, deep sadness, regret, anger, blame or guilt about the events surrounding the birth of her baby.

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Empowered Birth: Do You Know Your Options?

Empowered Birth: Do You Know Your Options?

As part of its ongoing mission to serve the greater Tampa Bay community, TBBN is pleased to offer free, public seminars on understanding care and delivery options in childbirth.  "We believe that knowledgeable women are empowered women," said Tampa Bay Birth Network president, Christie Collbran. "When parents-to-be are presented with facts in a low-pressure environment, they're able to imagine their child's birth and make the best choices for themselves."

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It's Time to Get on the Bus!

This is a guest blog post from TBBN Community Partner, Barefoot Birth.

We are ecstatic to finally announce that after several bumps in the road the Barefoot Bus is going to be up and rolling!!!

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 5.31.49 PM.png

The bus is getting stocked, checked over, test driven and spruced up in preparation! Many, many hours of hard work and sweat have gone into the bus and we are so ready to have it on the road! 

Thanks to our super successful crowd funding last year and some VERY generous private donations- we have been able to finish the bus and have it ready to meet our new families! 

If you are not familiar with our project you can read all about it hereherehere, and here

Our final logistical task, which has proved to be the real patience-tester, is having the bus wrapped with our sponsor's logos. We are hoping that will be done in the next few weeks! 

We have partnered with the University Area Community Development Corporation in Tampa to bring the Barefoot Bus into their community-in-need starting Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014, and continuing each and every Wednesday going forward! For those who do not know, the UACD serves the University Area Community, where high crime, poverty and a lack of basic resources has plagued the area for decades.


Of those served, 95 percent are below poverty level. They work to improve the economic, educational and social levels of the community through youth programs, adult education and resource assistance. Funds provided through grants, private contributions and public appropriations help residents participate in most programs free of charge. We could not have asked to find a more perfect partner in our mission to bring quality care to ALL families. 

We will be seeing Medicaid and sliding scale clients on the bus in front of the UACDC, adjacent to their awesome playground, which serves as a lovely reprieve for families as mamas are seen for their visits. This central location provides for heavy foot traffic and ease of commute via public transportation if necessary. We are within minutes of the University of South Florida campus as well to serve any students who may find themselves uninsured or in need of referrals to other community resources. 

We will be seeing clients each Wednesday from 9am-5pm for the first few weeks and extended hours may be implemented based on community need. 

Everyone is welcome for care regardless of insurance status or ability to pay. We will offer care on a sliding scale and help families who qualify apply for Medicaid. 

A very special thank you to everyone who has supported this project and stood behind us as we all worked hard to get everything in motion. We are looking forward to loving on lots of mamas and serving families right in their community. Everyone deserves a healthy pregnancy, beautiful birth and most of all to be respected throughout the entire process.

Thank you for believing in us and making this a reality for so many! 

Love and gratitude, 
The Barefoot Family 

How to find the Barefoot Bus: 

Address: 14013 North 22nd Street, Tampa Florida 33613 

From the South: Head North on I-275 to the Fletcher exit. Turn right onto Fletcher Avenue and proceed to North 22nd Street. Turn left on 22nd and go 1/2 mile until you see the University Area Community Center (UACC), marquee and turn right into UACDC entrance.

From the North: Head South on I-275 to the Bearrs exit. Turn left onto Bearrs Avenue and proceed to North 22nd Street. Turn right on 22nd and go 1/2 mile until you see the University Area Community Center marquee and turn left into UACDC entrance.

Contact 813.944.9120 or email us via our contact form here for more information or to schedule an appointment. 


This blog post originally appeared here and is reprinted with permission.

Water, Water, Everywhere!

Water birth is one of many lovely ways to enter the world.
— Judy Edmunds

Each of my births was very different: different locations, different providers, different challenges. One common thread connected all three of them – using water in pregnancy and labor as a comfort measure. There are many different ways to use water for comfort during pregnancy and birth: the sharp spray of the shower against the small of your back or the rise of your belly, the weightless feeling of floating in a swimming pool, the comforting cocoon of a filled-to-overflowing bathtub. 

Another option for using water during labor is a birth pool. You will often find a dedicated pool for use at a birth center and there are also portable birth pools available for use at home or in the hospital. These pools fill with air, then with water from the tap, and are deep enough to provide some buoyancy and feeling of weightlessness during labor.

While none of my children were born in the water, I have labored in the bathtub, the shower and in the birth pool and have enjoyed having all of the options available at different points during labor. As you are considering your options for labor and birth, you might consider adding a birth pool to your list of comfort measures.

Maryn Taylor lives with her husband Steve, their three children, four chickens and a bunch of birth pools.  The Taylors own Buoyant Birth, a birth pool rental company providing simple, all-inclusive birth pool rentals for use at home, in birth centers or hospitals.  They are delighted to be first-time participants in the Natural Birth and Baby Expo.  Please visit their website or Facebook Page for more information about their services.