Florida Licensed Midwives Need Your Help!

Florida licensed midwives allow families in the Tampa Bay area to have the option of home or birth center births. Their expertise, skill, and dedication to our community is invaluable. We are thankful to have so many wonderful licensed midwives in our area.

The Tampa Bay Birth Network's core mission is to provide a community of professionals, families and individuals who support, educate, and/or promote natural pregnancy, birth and parenting, and as such, midwives are at the heart of what we work to support in this community! 

In 2016 the American Congress of Obstetrics and Gynecologists District XII (Florida) and the Florida Medical Association announced that they would be pursuing a bill that could impact how Florida Licensed Midwives practice and who they serve.  

As a result, Florida Licensed Midwives will need a lobbyist to represent the interests of midwives and consumers in this year's legislative session. And they need your help to raise funds for this lobbyist, who will be vital to protecting licensed midwifery, access to home birth, and birth centers throughout Florida. 

Help Protect Florida Licensed Midwifery!

The Tampa Bay Birth Network is pleased share that we are donating $1,000 to the Florida Licensed Midwives in support of their campaign to protect licensed midwifery, access to home birth, and access to birth centers throughout Florida.

Have you ever received care from a Florida Licensed Midwife? Now is your chance to say Thank You! 

Please join us in supporting the amazing licensed midwives in our community. Together, we can ensure that families can continue to have access to home and birth center births.

Help Florida licensed midwives hire a lobbyist:

Florida Licensed Midwives need to raise approximately $10,000 by May and are looking to raise $33,000 total for continued efforts. Every last dollar goes to support representation of midwifery in Florida.

Why $33,000 you ask? Because since 1996 over 33,000 babies have been born at home and in birth center's across the state into the capable and loving hands of Licensed Midwives.

The TBBN knows that many in our community have had their lives directly and positively impacted by a licensed midwife in our community. Thank you to our Birth Network members, as well as those who have attended our community events, for enabling us to contribute to worthy causes such as this one.

Even if you cannot contribute financially, please take a moment to share this widely and possibly even share your own story of working with a Florida Licensed Midwife.