Meet Fruit of Your Womb: Community Partner

How well do you know TBBN's Community Partners? As part of our blog, we regularly feature community partners in our network. In this feature we meet Kim Wadsworth and Fruit of Your Womb, a placenta encapsulation service.

Fruit of Your Womb offers placenta encapsulation for new mothers. I believe that every new mother deserves to have all of the wonderful benefits that placenta encapsulation offers! 

 Kim at the Tampa Bay Birth Network's Natural Birth and Baby Expo

Kim at the Tampa Bay Birth Network's Natural Birth and Baby Expo

After I had my first daughter, I had a stint of postpartum depression, so naturally I googled natural ways to combat it; I quickly learned about placenta encapsulation and immediately regretted letting the hospital toss mine!  Luckily I had a pregnant friend, who I persistently persuaded to let me encapsulate her placenta!  While she was very reluctant at first, after consuming her placenta capsules she ended up calling them her happy pills because of the way they made her feel.  Seeing such a huge transition in her testimony of placenta encapsulation encouraged me to help other moms have a happy postpartum.

I strive to help new moms have a happier, healthier, smoother, postpartum period by allowing them a more acceptable way to consume their placenta, in pill form.
— Kim Wadsworth

I do the placenta encapsulation and everything that goes along with it: placenta prints, umbilical cord keepsake, pick up, delivery, etc. I also make a tincture and salve on request.  My loving, supportive husband, Alex, occasionally helps me out with late night pick-ups/deliveries.  He also works on the website.  It's a team effort!

While there are only a few scientific studies based on the effects of placenta consumption, the majority of the studies have come out with positive results, and the anecdotal evidence proves that consuming your placenta is beneficial for postpartum healing.  

It has been known to level out hormones, combat baby blues and postpartum depression, increase milk supply, reduce the length and severity of lochia (postpartum bleeding), offer a boost of energy, shrink the uterus back to pre-pregnancy size, and help with postpartum recovery.  

We plan to work with state representatives and law makers to purpose laws that protect mothers and their desires to keep their placenta. We also plan to collaborate with The University of South Florida to create in depth studies show the benefits of Placenta Encapsulation.


I service all around the Tampa Bay area including, but not limited to: Labor of Love Birthing Center, Sweet Child O' Mine Birthing Center, Breath of Life Women's' Health and Birth Center, The Birth Center of St. Pete, Florida Hospital Tampa, Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel, Tampa General Hospital, St. Joseph's Womens Hospital, St. Joseph's Hospital North, Brandon Regional, St. Pete Baby place, St. Pete General Hospital, Morton Plant Mease, Mease Countryside, Spring Hill Baby place (regional), and also home births.  

Visit my website for more information, or check out my Facebook page to read reviews from the wonderful mothers I've worked with!