Meet Thank You Mama: Community Partner

How well do you know TBBN's Community Partners? As part of our blog, we regularly feature community partners in our network. In this feature we meet Jennifer Carey-Prescott and Thank You Mama, a baby boutique and wellness center in St. Petersburg featuring organic, mother-tested products that support a natural lifestyle and a healthier world.

Our mission at Thank You Mama is to empower healthy family beginnings. We offer a variety of mother-tested products that support an eco-savvy lifestyle. We offer the healing benefits of alternative medicine including Acupuncture, Massage and Mayan Abdominal Massage Therapies, Herbal Medicines and more. We encourage a nurturing and open-minded social network, one that supports local businesses and global consciousness. We are committed to servicing the evolving needs of your entire family.

  Jennifer Carey-Prescott

Jennifer Carey-Prescott

I am a nationally board-certified acupuncturist and graduate of the respected Florida Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine. I was fortunate to be exposed to Traditional Chinese Medicine early in my education. It really met all of my personal needs to provide care to others, to access them and their healing through, manual therapies, dietary advice and herbal medicines really provided the Whole vision that I was looking for. 

We at Thank You Mama are mothers; we have been there. We all have a different story to add to mix of experience and we since we have all been there we have a real comfort treating women’s issues and the needs of our pediatric patients with confidence.  

We are Thank You Mama: we are everything that we wanted when contemplating bringing new life to the world and how we want our new world to continue to grow. We are here to help encourage, guide and support families through their conscious transition. We have an incredibly cozy Wellness Center that is blessed with 3 acupuncture physicians and 4 massage therapists. We use acupuncture, massage and herbal medicines to provide health care to the entire family. You can learn more about me and all of our staff at our website.

Truly my favorite part of sharing my day and giving care to families is that it really enhances my sense of “the village” we are all helping each other. I leave every day feeling fulfilled and empowered with new ideas to bring home to my own family.
— Jennifer Carey-Prescott

Our boutique prides itself on it’s organic wellness goodies for pregnancy, prenatal care and baby- such as fertility teas, menstrual care, sitz baths, nursing teas, salves and organic pads, whole food pre-natal nourishment, organic baby care, lotions, teething care and more. Every practitioner in the building has advance training in Women’s and Pediatric care. From our Pre-natal massage training to certifications in Oriental Reproductive Medicine to Sho-ni-shin- which is a type of needless pediatric acupressure. We absolutely love herbs around here and our most common referrals from Western Physicians is for Acupuncture for Labor Encouragement. This is a treatment we do daily at Thank You Mama to help our community achieve the births that they are dreaming of. 

Clients of Thank You Mama have expressed their gratitude to us for assisting with both physical and emotional ailments for mamas, but also children and families.  They express that we are for the whole family, not just mamas! They are grateful that we are here to listen to problems without judgement, and with an open heart and mind. 

I am amazed at the work the practitioners at Thank You Mama do every day. I’ve seen lives transformed! And the biggest perk is that they genuinely care. Whether it’s acupuncture, massage, herbals, or a combination of them all, they treat each individual as a whole person, and develop a long term plan for their unique path to health and wellness.
— A Grateful Mama

Thank You Mama is located at 1511 4th St N in St Petersburg, FL. For more information, visit our website