Meet Barefoot Birth: 2015 Natural Birth & Baby Expo Sponsor

Tampa Bay Birth Network is proud to present the 2015 Natural Birth & Baby Expo with the help of our amazing sponsors! This incredibly popular community event is only made possible thanks to the generous support of business like the one featured below.  Thank you!

This year Barefoot Birth is focusing on high quality prenatal and postpartum care for all families. With the Barefoot Bus and the option for home visits, (midwife Charlie Rae Young is one of only two midwives in the area who still offers this service), they are working hard to meet families where they are and provide them with the best prenatal and postpartum care experience possible.  This commitment is made to clients whether they decide to deliver at home or in the hospital. Families may decide that one of their birth or postpartum doulas is the best support for them in a birth center or hospital setting, while others may only want care from a midwife for their homebirth. Barefoot Birth is a whole team ready to love on families the way they would want to be loved on- no matter how they decide to welcome their baby. 

Tampa Bay Birth Network is pleased to welcome back this long-time partner and sponsor.   Says Charlie Rae, "A large part of birth work is advocacy and the birth network has done an exemplary job of just that in our communities. The network is made up of professionals who not only care about education and community, but also about each other and the clients we serve. Not many communities have the luxury to say that! The expo itself has grown exponentially each year which reaches more and more families as well as adds to the strong foundation of our birth community. Not to mention, we all have so much fun every year at the expo. Seeing families whose births I have had the honor of attending, whose babies are now in elementary school, doulas who took one of our trainings years ago who now have flourishing practices, new professionals bringing exciting services to families, people who are committed to changing the way our families grow- all of it ! It warms my heart and makes me a little teary eyed at each expo to look out, see all of these familiar faces and brand new ones. Nothing can bring joy like the joy of a beautiful community!"

"I believe that education is at the true heart of what we all do. With out real, science based, reliable information, families can be left in the dark when it comes to preconception, pregnancy, birth, parenting and beyond. With my own personal experience, I remember feeling like I had done EVERYTHING the mainstream media and culture tells us we HAVE to do as expecting parents. It turns out a lot of that was purely profit based and intertwined with encouraging parents to suppress or forget everything we knew intuitively. As a collective, we have a strong platform of evidence-based practices to stand upon that make childbearing and rearing more fulfilling, rewarding and EASY! All of that makes for a much more harmonious family."

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