Meet USF Midwifery: Community Partner

How well do you know TBBN's Community Partners? As part of our blog, we regularly feature community partners in our network. In this feature we meet Jessica Brumley, Certified Nurse Midwife, and learn more about the University of South Florida Midwifery group. 

The University of South Florida Division of Midwifery is composed of Certified Nurse Midwives who are experts in normal physiologic changes across the lifespan of healthy women and technological solutions to women’s health problems.  The CNM’s expertise is used to provide state of the art health care to women and interdisciplinary education for women’s health care providers. Division members further the science and practice of midwifery through research and policy development. 

Women may seek midwifery care to promote wellness, prevent or plan a pregnancy, prenatal care and delivery as well as postpartum and breastfeeding support.  We are currently the only practice in Tampa to offer group prenatal care based on the Centering Pregnancy model.  We also facilitate a breastfeeding support group twice monthly.   

During my freshman year at USF (already pre-nursing) I enrolled in a course in Women’s Studies. One of my classmates was studying to be a doula. She brought in her “fundus” inside of a knit uterus. It stirred conversation on midwifery and the value of the midwifery model of care. It spoke to my heart and I made a decision to become a midwife. I had never even met a midwife. I didn’t know all that I was getting myself into but I have never regretted the decision. I feel blessed to have found a profession that is a calling.

The midwifery model of care is a family centered approach to care that promotes education and self determination.  USF Midwifery strives to create an environment that promotes normal physiology and supports the decisions women make.  The midwives work within a collaborative model which includes the physicians of USF Health.  They have a wonderful working relationship which honors the strengths of both the midwives and physicians.  The midwives are viewed as experts in normal and the physicians are available 24/7 for complications that may occur.  Given that most women deliver in a hospital, they feel it is critical to prepare women prenatally and to create a hospital environment that is supportive of normal childbirth.  The group prenatal care offered is especially effective in providing education and support.  Evidence suggests this model of care may decrease the risk of preterm delivery, improves breastfeeding duration and satisfaction with care.  

Deliveries occur at Tampa General Hospital.  TGH is a Baby Friendly hospital (a designation earned by hospitals offering the highest level of breastfeeding supportive practices).  For nearly 30 years it was only hospital in Tampa to include Nurse-Midwives. 

The staff at TGH are supportive of many practices that support normal birth physiology such as freedom of movement, water in labor (water birth is not available), intermittent monitoring in labor, birth balls, delayed cord clamping, skin to skin, delayed newborn baths, 24 hour rooming-in and all private rooms. 

We recently had a patient transfer to us from an out of hospital birth setting due to complications of the pregnancy.  Although she was too high risk for a home birth, she was able to labor in the tub and deliver on hands and knees just barely out of the tub.  I think she was in awe that she could have that experience is our big high risk hospital.  Mom and baby had a safe supportive delivery and access to the additional services they needed.  

In addition to being a great place for low risk birth, Tampa General is also a Regional Perinatal Care Center as well as the primary teaching partner of USF.  Due to our in house 24/7 physician coverage, we are able to offer a truly VBAC supportive environment.  Women seek out our VBAC support from all over West Central Florida.

My favorite thing about the work I do is the relationships. I love getting to know families, helping guide them through life’s many stages through the years. I have been with USF Health since 2004 and can’t imagine being anywhere else. When women say they will see me for the next one, I can easily say “I’ll be here.”

The USF Division of Midwifery includes 8 full-scope Certified Nurse Midwives:

Jessica Brumley: I have been a Nurse Midwife for nearly 15 years and with USF for 12 years.  I graduated from the Nurse Midwifery education program at NYU and completed my PhD at USF.  For the last two years I have served as the Director of Midwifery and have worked to build a practice that meets the diverse needs of the women we serve.  My clinical and research interests include promoting normal physiologic birth, breastfeeding and group prenatal care.  My brother once told me that I like what I do too much.  I guess that’s true, but once he witnessed it first hand, I think he understood.  The picture of me with the mom and baby is his wife and daughter.  I have been blessed to attend the birth of my niece and nephew as well as those of many friends.  Every birth is truly an honor.

Mattie Berry: Prior to joining USF, Mattie practiced in several different settings including a hospital-based midwifery service, a freestanding birth center, and home-birth midwifery. She enjoys the collaborative nature and teamwork of the Department of OBGYN at USF and feels privileged to care for women and their families in the Tampa and surrounding areas. 

Jane Brigham has been a midwife since 2002.  She is originally from Michigan and new to Florida.  She enjoys supporting women with their health care needs throughout their lifespan.  She thinks it is important to provide evidenced based information so that women can be active informed participants in their healthcare.

Nathan Guerette is originally from Maine and studied Midwifery at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee.  He serves as one of our VIP Group Prenatal Care facilitators.

Elizabeth Kendrick has been a midwife since 2013 and a Nurse since 2005. She is originally from Indiana but enjoys the Florida sunshine and beautiful beaches.  She is a wife and busy a mom of three young children. She strives to empower other women to be their best.

Xuan Le was working with a midwife during a medical mission in Vietnam when she decided she wanted to become one as well.  She returned to the US and attended Georgetown University Midwifery Program that summer.  Her passion is to increase access to midwifery care to every woman and promote normal physiologic birth, as well as VBACs.  

Heather Murphy practiced in Chicago, Illinois and Hattiesburg, Mississippi in both hospital based and home birth practice settings prior to settling down with her husband and two small children in Tampa. She enjoys learning about the many uses of herbs for wellness promotion and treatment of health conditions.

Fuying Runyan is originally from China.  She is fluent in Mandarin and Spanish. She joined our practice after 15 years of Midwifery practice in Texas.  She enjoys traveling the world and being active outdoors.

 Nathan, Jessica, and Heather

Nathan, Jessica, and Heather

Our practice sites include:

  • USF South Tampa Center, 2 Tampa General Circle, Tampa Florida 33606
  • USF Morsani Center for Advanced Health Care, 13330 USF Laurel Drive, Tampa Florida 33613

And beginning in January we will also include:

  • Tampa General Medical Group, 216 Morrison Rd, Brandon Florida 33511 

To learn more about USF Midwifery, visit their Facebook page or website.