Call the Midwife! And Doula! And Photographer! And...

Have you watched any episodes of this drama on PBS? (If you do, make sure to have tissues handy!)

On "Call the Midwife" the nurse midwives, who all live together, make a regular habit of discussing patients, births, methodology, new science and techniques, old science and techniques and other maternity-related topics.  Not surprisingly, one of them often has an epiphany or needs the information for a tense scene later.

In real life, all of the birth professionals supporting a community don't all live together.  (Hey, we can dream, right?) Cohabitation aside, Tampa Bay Birth Network is pleased to offer a second-place substitute: regular networking meetings for birth workers in our great community.

TBBN held one of these gatherings in July and several dozen professionals from across the birth care spectrum met to network, share fellowship and best practices and discuss current events.  (A big shout out here to our host and TBBN member, Om Sweet Om.  Thank you!)

If you're a birth worker, be sure to follow TBBN on Facebook to register and attend the next meeting!