Empowered Birth: Do You Know Your Options?

As part of its ongoing mission to serve the greater Tampa Bay community, TBBN is pleased to offer free, public seminars on understanding care and delivery options in childbirth.  "We believe that knowledgeable women are empowered women," said Tampa Bay Birth Network president, Christie Collbran. "When parents-to-be are presented with facts in a low-pressure environment, they're able to imagine their child's birth and make the best choices for themselves."

"I hope I can...    ...labor in any position   ...have my older child present   ...avoid an unnecessary c-section  ...birth at home   ...go into labor naturally."

These are some examples of the normal hopes (and fears) most pregnant women hold.  Many women pass an entire pregnancy believing that their obstetrician makes these decisions for them.  It isn't uncommon to hear a pregnant woman say, "My doctor won't let me... (Fill in the blank."


At TBBN's Childbirth Options seminars, we explore these questions, fears, hopes and more.  Experienced birth workers present research, offer insight and challenge attendees to question the conventional, medical, "sick" approach to child birth.  Examples of insights shared include:

  • what is "natural" childbirth and what are its benefits?
  • what is a medicated birth and why do women choose to avoid it?
  • options for where to give birth
  • how to avoid unnecessary c-sections
  • how to have a natural birth after a c-section birth (called VBAC or vaginal birth after cesaerean)
  • local care providers that support and encourage natural birth choices 

"I went specifically to hear the vbac information. I'm so glad I went. Melissa validated a lot of feelings I've been having surrounding my emotionally traumatic cesarean a month ago. Thank you for putting together this seminar!"  Sarah Lynn Branam, new mom and attendee.

If you're interested in attending our next seminar, follow Tampa Bay Birth Network on Facebook and sign up for our emails.  You have options!