Community Partner: Barefoot Birth

Barefoot Birth is a birth service company specializing in concierge home birth services, personalized prenatal care, doula support, childbirth education, massage therapy, postpartum support,  professional birth photography, and acts as a resource for expecting families. The Barefoot Family includes Charlie Rae Young LM, CPM, CLC , Jenn Stone LPN, CLC, Wesley Bozeman LMT, and Patricia Cannon CLC.

Aside from our complete umbrella of support services, we proudly serve a one hour radius of Tampa with traditional midwifery care that serves families right where they are most comfortable--their homes! 

Charlie Rae Young is an independent Licensed Midwife who provides personalized prenatal care for families who are planning a home birth. Over the years, she's had the honor of caring for hundreds of families who have welcomed their babies in the peace and comfort of their home and birth center settings right here in Tampa Bay. 

We believe that in healthy pregnancies, birth is a normal process that typically unfolds without need for intervention. We base our practice on transparency, open communication and respect for your family's unique needs and desires. We are your partner and your care provider, as we walk the journey to your birth together. Midwifery care blends together tradition and science to bring to women the art of high-touch, low-tech care that has been shown to lead to better outcomes for both mama and baby, increased family bonding and greater satisfaction with the overall birth experience.

We are pleased to support women seeking a Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC) and consult on a case by case basis for other special circumstances.

Our home birth midwifery service includes all prenatal care, routine lab work, water birth tub rental, holistic childbirth education, access to our extensive lending library, support throughout your birth and immediate postpartum, breastfeeding support and sensitive postpartum care that includes three routine visits throughout those first precious weeks. We offer flexible payment options and payment plans for self-pay clients. While we do not participate as in-network providers for any insurance companies, we do have a third party billing company who will assist you with having your care covered by your carrier. We also accept pregnancy Medicaid. The investment in your home birth is $6000 and is all inclusive.

We also provide prenatal care for families interested in the highest quality prenatal care but still desire a hospital birth. We will help you plan for your best birth with comprehensive prenatal care, childbirth education and will pair you with a doula who will help you advocate for yourself at any hospital of your choice. We then provide postpartum care in the following weeks with lactation support and postpartum visits in your home through six to eight weeks after your baby has arrived. Please contact us to discuss this arrangement.

We are also thrilled to work with families in the community with the Barefoot Bus, a mobile prenatal care unit which operates under the "easy-access" model where no one is turned away for inability to pay for services. We are hard at work making this not-for-profit dream a reality and currently see clients on Wednesdays. You can read more about the project and how to find the bus here :

We are always happy to set up a free consultation to discuss your own needs and answer any questions you may have. Even if you are not sure about home birth, we encourage you to get in touch, ask the big questions and allow us to happily help you navigate the often overwhelming options surrounding your pregnancy and birth. Please contact us via our website or call 813.515.0825 to set up a consultation or to schedule a free pregnancy test.