Community Partner: Live 2 Kick and Train Fitness Studio

This is part of a series we post spotlighting our community partners - do be sure to check them out!


Live 2 Kick and Train Fitness Studio offers a variety of services such as personal training, including pre- and post-natal workouts.  Jessica Rice, CPT, CES, FNS, holds certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine and she offers specialties in corrective exercise, program design, balance training and getting you to your goal.

TBBN: How did you get started in this field?

Jessica: I did a marathon through TNT and it changed my life. I wanted to work in the health and fitness field, I just didn't know in what capacity. 

I was interested in nutrition, resistance, cardio, stress relief and all the other aspects that we have to  balance to be healthy and "fit."  Personal training became the perfect career to address the many different variables in someone's success.  FIve years later I became pregnant. Now I was the pregnant personal trainer, and I felt like I knew what I was doing.  I was still training hard, listening to my body and I felt great.  For my second pregnancy I was working on a new certification - Pre & Post Natal Corrective Exercise Specialist.  This was wonderful timing, I learned so much more!  I approached the training from the aspect of 'my body is growing and changing into a body full of muscle imbalances, compensation and discomforts.' I trained myself and my clients very differently while pregnant, with "belly pumping" and labor training, visualization for natural births and a different sequence of exercises.  You are training for your labor! I love my job and I love where it has taken me! 

TBBN: What is the goal of your business?

Jessica: I always tell my clients that I want them to feel better when they leave me, than when they came in. My training makes them stronger for all they want to do outside of the (gym) 

I feel my best exercising! Exercise cures what ails ya;)

TBBN: Why did you chose to become a community partner with the Tampa Bay Birth Network?

Jessica: Exercise is good for both mom and baby.  That exercise can be in many different forms.  Benefits to baby include that the baby gets better nutrient and waste exchange through the placenta, toxins are flushed out, blood flow through the placenta increases and it can results in less fetal intervention.

One of my pregnant clients felt stronger and did not have the back pain she had with her first pregnancy, while training with me.

Most of my pregnant clients are excited and happy that they can still do so much when it comes to resistance and cardio.  

Generally speaking pregnant women are doted on and treated as if very fragile and needing to sit down.   We are much stronger creatures, even pregnant, than some may think;)

Live 2 Kick and Train is located across the street from the Tyrone Square Mall.  Sign up for a class today!