International Babywearing Week - Share the Adventure


Have you followed any of the babywearing fun this week?  Babywearers around the globe celebrated the days with babywearing workouts, demonstrations, flash mobs and more.  The objective? To show more parents how useful, beneficial and, let's say it, lifesaving, wearing your baby (or babies, or toddler, or Pre-K'er) in a carrier can be.

Today is Flexible Friday, and so the crew of Tampa Bay Birth Network wanted to show off just how flexible babywearing allows us to be!  Every volunteer at TBBN is a mother with at least one child and, natch, has a very busy life.

Are you passionate about babywearing? Or perhaps curious about just how to get started? Get better? Do it more? Use a different carrier?  Community Partner, Tampa Bay Babywearing, is one of the largest babywearing groups in the country.  With almost 3,000 local babywearing enthusiasts, TBBW (find them here on Facebook) offers meetings (called learn and plays) all around the greater Tampa Bay area.  Each meeting focuses on sharing, educating, troubleshooting and connecting with other babywearers.  Men, women and children are welcomed.  The group also has available a lending library from which members may borrow select carriers.