What is Spinning Babies?


We just hosted a wonderful, educational and inspiring Spinning Babies workshop. It was a great success.  

What is Spinning Babies? It is a compilation of information, tools and techniques put together by CPM, Gail Tully, that a doula, midwife or birth worker can use to to help baby get into position for birth. Spinning babies helps support a normal, natural childbirth.

From Gail's website:

"Babies settle in the easiest position they can for birth. In labor, they begin from that position to turn to rotate through the pelvis... like a key unlocking the door. Mother’s job is to dilate; Baby’s job is to rotate. Easier rotation may mean an easier labor.

The ideal, or optimal, fetal position is head down with baby's back to your front or left. A good fetal position helps the cervix open more easily and labor progress smoothly."

A mal-positioned baby can have a harder time making his way through the birth canal, or can be stalled altogether. Often this can lead to a cesarean. Mothers with breech babies (presenting with their feet, foot or butt first) are not offered support for natural childbirth by our current medical system. They are told their only option is a cesarean. 


Gail shared tools and techniques to help labor progress smoothly by improving babies position.

Much importance is often put on dilation, and how many centimeters dilated a mother is. We learned that while dilation must happen, knowing where the baby is stationed within the pelvis (inlet, mid-pelvis, outlet) and the techniques to use in labor to help baby through each of these points in the pelvis, is just as important. 

We were reminded that birth is a natural and normal event. The most important thing a caregiver and support person can do for mom during this sacred time is to honor her, give her the space to act according to her instincts, make her feel comfortable, loved, relaxed and calm. For the majority of women we are simply there to witness their glory.

Occasionally labor stalls and we have tools we can offer to help move it along. We learned the theory of these tools, demonstrated with some amazing props, and we got to practice putting them into use. By using these tools we can help moms have a smooth birth and avoid cesareans. They are a small but important part of our bag of tricks.

But always our most important job is to be there for women and mother them while they transition into motherhood themselves.

We are very happy that we were able to organize this training for the local Tampa Bay Birth professionals. Gail has a few more stops in Florida, including a workshop this Saturday in Orlando. Check out her scheduled events for availability. You can also purchase her workbook on her website, and study up more about Spinning Babies. We highly recommend this information to all birth workers.